visum für chinesin nach england

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United Kingdom and Ireland

On the basis of a protocol annexed to the Treaty of Amsterdam, the United Kingdom and Ireland maintain autonomous visa, immigration and asylum policies. They have not signed up to the Schengen Convention and have thus not ended border controls with the other EU Member States. They may participate in those aspects of Schengen that entail cooperation between police forces and the judiciary, if they explicitly declare their willingness to do so.

For this reason, EU citizens, as well as third-country nationals, still have to show their passports when travelling between the UK or Ireland and the rest of the EU (although not between Ireland and the UK, which together with the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man constitute a common travel area for which passports are not needed).

In principle, no question should be asked as to the purpose of the journey, means of subsistence, etc.

Non-EU citizens are still required to comply with the UK visa entry regulations, regardless of whether they posses a permit to travel to travel to Other EU Member States within the Schengen area.

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