Kann ich mit den deutschen Aufenthaltstitel und den kosovarischen pass ohne Visum nach London ?

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Folgende Info habe ich dem Infosystem der IATA Fluggesellschaften "Timatic" entnommen:

"The following regulations apply to children/minors:

Pupils residing in an EU Member State do not need a visa if:
- travelling as part of a school group within the EU; and
- school group is accompanied by a teacher; and
- being listed on a common format "List of Travellers" (LOT) stamped by the school.
A passport is not required if the "List of Travellers" (LOT) contains a photo of the pupil AND is authenticated by the country of residence. Please note: not all EU Member States issue this type of LOT. "

Du brauchst also kein Visum. Um die "List of Travellers" wird sich die Schule kuemmern.



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